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Armor Bearer's

     Integrated cargo management system

Import/export logistics consulting service


Professional logistics consultants  We provide overall consulting on import and export logistics so that customers can experience stable import and export at a reasonable cost.

Cargo monitoring service


Through optimized data and algorithms, the location and status of cargo are provided in real time so that you can experience visible import/export business, so you can prepare for ever-changing situations and experience safer import/export logistics.

Import/export document & history management service

We provide services for effective import/export logistics management such as import/export document management and logistic progress history management through an online system so that import/export companies can experience systematic import/export logistics.

Armor Bearer's

  Worldwide air, sea and rail transport services


Air Transportation  Service

We always provide global aviation space and reasonable prices through sales in conjunction with several aviation console companies.   

Sea Transportation Service


We are providing global marine LCL and FCL services through sales in connection with many export marine console companies.  

Train Transportation Service

Through various experiences and know-how of Russian transportation and customs, we provide rail transportation through the Eurasian continent. 

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